Some of the more notable jobs attributed to Drew Cartage include:
  • Toledo Zoo Arctic Adventure Assembly, Animal Exhibit welding and reinforcement of doors and actuators.

  • Rigging of 90,000lb Super-Tug Z-Drive for the Hans Hansen Company

  • Assembly of Imagination Station mezannine, stairs, original installation and remodeling of Handrails, Highwire Bike tensioning and installation, submarine parascope in the water exhibit, Zing200 Installation, and Space Satellite Exhibit removal.

  • Construction of Toledo, St.Vincents Hospital Personal Crossover Bridge, including handrail and stair assembly.

  • Stairs and Handrail Installation at University of Toledo dormitories

  • Rigging, Erection and Installation of Glue Robot at Reader Automotive

  • Fabricated Steel Transportation for Art Iron of Toledo, Ohio

  • Steel transportation for assembly of Toledo Veteran Memorial Skyway

  • Installation of antique printing press in Toledo Free Press front window

  • Stored, Rigged and Transported HVAC units for the New Bowsher and Scott High Schools

  • Transport, rig and install large tanks for AirLiquide, PraxAir, AGG